Tattoo FAQ

How do I set up an appointment with you?
Pretty simple. If you are local just stop in during my regular hours to talk with me.
Be sure to bring along any visual references such as photos, art, etc… when you come in.
If you are from out of town just message me via my Red Region Tattoos Facebook Page with a detailed description of what you want, the size, location, your preferred and maximum budget, and any picture references you may have.
I will then get back to you (usually within a day or two) and we will take it from there.

How much do you charge?
I charge by the hour very loosely for large tattoos and my rates vary slightly depending on the project.
For one day pieces (no multiple sessions) and smaller tattoos I prefer to give an exact price quote.
Once I know what you are wishing to do I can give you an estimate of the cost for your project.

How far out are you booked with appointments?
It varies from a few months to just a few days depending on the time of year and what other art projects I have going on. Usually it is just a couple weeks though unless you want Saturdays. Saturdays are are usually booked a ways out unless I have had a reschedule.

What is the appointment deposit amount? 
For small pieces it is $50. which is also my minimum. For larger pieces it is $100, and for multi session pieces it varies as to the scale and work involved.
Your appointment deposit is non refundable and will be applied towards the last session of your tattoo.
If you need to change your appointment time I require a minimum of two working days advance notice for appointment changes. As long as you give me those two advance day your deposit stays good as gold. If you leave me hanging without notice it is gone.

Do you do cover-ups?
Yes I do. I don’t however accept all cover-up requests that come my way. A good cover will look like an amazing tattoo and nobody will suspect it was a cover. I can cover anything and make it look fabulous, but not all ideas will work for for covering all tattoos.
If you wish a cover please send me a picture of your existing tattoo that allows me to see the details, size, and location along with your cover-up ideas.

Do you fix and or finish other peoples work?
Rarely will I touch an existing piece. The main reason for that is the fact that I can never make it look as good as if I had done it myself and simply don’t want my name on it. If you really hate it then I suggest you consider a cover-up or partial cover-up.
With all that said… I do sometimes take on a fix up for local and semi local people. Just send a picture or stop in and talk to me.

What do you recommend for aftercare?
It actually depends on the tattoo style, but in general it goes as follows.
Give it a nice wash about an hour after leaving the shop with a mild soap. Do not use a washcloth, use your hand. Skin to skin, nothing else.
After the washing you should blot it completely dry with something clean. Blot, not rub.
If another two or more hours pass before you go to bed that night I recommend repeating the process.
Do it again in the morning. This time however you should apply a white fragrance free lotion(EX: Lubriderm)and then lightly blot off the excess lotion.
If you can I suggest repeating that mid day and then before bed that night.
After that once a day will usually do it.
Try and keep your new tattoo open to the air as much as possible. Nonstick breathable bandages should be used if you need to protect your tattoo from things you may come in contact with.
Do not soak (submerse) your new tattoo or go into a hot tub or sauna for the first week. Avoid heavy sun exposure for the first two weeks.
Do not pick, scratch, or smack your new tattoo, and avoid having anything rubbing on it.
Your tattoo should be surface healed between 6 to 14 days depending on location, style of work, and your personal health. It will continue to slough skin however for up to three weeks longer.

Do you do guest spots?
Rarely anymore, but it could happen.

Do you want a guest artist?
No. I don’t run a regular studio anymore and have no place for a guest artist.

What happened to your convention schedule page?
I no longer work conventions. I burned out on them and am now a hermit.

How long have you been tattooing?
Since 1985.

Was Tattoo Elegance your first shop? 
No. The first shop I owned was called Heavy Metal Tattoos. The second was called Images. The third was Tattoo Elegance in 1991. I currently work under the name of Red Region Tattoos, but I actually closed the studio I had of that name and work within Electric Beach. I am just me, no big shop, no employees, and don’t want any of that currently.

What kind of ink do you use?
It varies. I used to primarily mix my own. Nowadays I use a mix of pre-dispersed pre-mixed ready colors from many different companies that have popped up over the years to cater to the new wave of tattoo popularity. No one ink brand is the magic ink brand. It all comes down to preferences.

Can I call? I can’t find you in the phone book.
I do not speak on the phone.
You can get in touch with me via my Red Region Tattoos Facebook page or you can stop in at 117 North Oak St in down town Port Angeles during my regular hours.
Those hours are 11:am till 5:30 pm Monday through Friday and usually on Saturdays (but not always)from 11:am till 3:pm

What happened to all your trophies and plaques from the tattoo conventions?
I threw them all away with the exception of a few that have really good stories attached.

Why are you not in all the tattoo magazines anymore?
I stopped sending them stuff around the same time I stopped working conventions. Believe it or not… it was a lot of work to constantly photo all my tattoos and send them out.

What do you think of all the reality TV tattoo shows?
I have never watched one. I don’t watch television.

How do I get one of your tattoo machines?
I don’t build tattoo machines. I built a few in the mid 90′s, but it was not a regular thing.

Why don’t you sell flash anymore?
I got burned out on drawing it. I was putting out an average of 5 sets a year for a long time. Think thousands of designs over the years and then add in my client drawings, paintings, and other projects… it got overwhelming.

I heard you were dead. 
Nope. Still kicking, just laying low.

Do you still do special projects with special prices?
I always have at least one project going on. Just follow my various pages and websites and you will know what I am doing with that sort of thing.

You live a long way off. Who would you recommend in (insert area) ?
There are so many great tattooists out there these days I wouldn’t know how to even begin recommending them except on friendship basis.
I recommend doing your research on artists in your area. Checking out online portfolios and asking around. Look for consistency in quality. Look for a tattooist who works in a style you like and then take them your ideas. Don’t rush when searching out an artist. For every great tattoo artist there are a multitude of hacks selling half ass work. You can get something awesome or you can get something mediocre or worse even when starting with the same design. It is all about the artist so take your time and find a good one.

Do you take on apprentices? Any advice for someone wanting to be a tattoo artist?
I am not currently taking on any apprentices.
My advice for people wishing to get into tattooing goes in two directions.
The first is for people with art skills who want to be true tattoo artists and do amazing work.
a) Learn your art skills first. If you can’t draw it you shouldn’t tattoo it.
b) Build a solid portfolio of artwork in various mediums.
c) Seek out a master of the trade. Just because some fool calls himself/herself a tattooist and happens to be in a studio doesn’t make them capable of teaching you anything. If the person isn’t able to knock out stellar tattoos themselves how do you expect to be able to learn the techniques from them it will take for you to transfer your artistic brilliance onto skin?
d) Get an apprenticeship from a master of the trade. There many tattooists who will take most anybody on, there are even weird little tattoo seminars and self proclaimed schools of tattooing out there now for the non talented. You will do better watching YouTube videos than getting hands on bad instruction from such people. Save your money. No great tattooist will take on just anybody and no learn to tattoo seminar/school I have ever heard of has any super knowledgeable tattooers teaching the the novices.
e) Get tattoos from various masters of different styles and techniques or hit up every tattoo convention you can and watch those people work. Pay attention.
f) Never stop learning and always seek to be better.

Now my advice for those who think they want to be tattooists, but are not extremely gifted and most likely lazy artists who like the idea of being a tattoo artists more than they like making art.
a) Buy some shit on Amazon and make sure you include many disposable tubes , needles, and lots of gloves. Get all the disposable stuff you can because you most likely can’t afford an autoclave and won’t have access to one.
b) Watch some videos, read some books, and when you start practicing on your friends keep it super small and in easy to cover up places.
c) Once your tattoos are only kinda shitty instead of super shitty head down to the nearest flash on the wall shit shop and get yourself a job.
d) Buy yourself some fancy hipster clothes and get a cocky attitude.
e) Spend the next 10 years doing half ass tattoos and struggling with certain skin types, getting ink to stick, having your machines stop working for reasons you don’t understand, etc…
Viola, you are the modern tattooist.

Notice I didn’t mention apprenticeships, seminars, and schools? That is because if you are not of the first type… (A talented artist who wants to be great) you will never be great and those shit shop apprenticeships, seminars, and schools will not do crud anyway except maybe teach you to be the same kind of cruddy/average/low quality they are.
As mentioned before, you are better off watching videos and reading books.

I’d say you shouldn’t do it at all, but it won’t stop you so instead I am telling you how I see it.


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