Everyone loves berries

berries tattoo by Aarron Laidig Port Angeles Wa location
I love berry picking season. My daughter loves picking blackberries and raspberries best, but we go out and pick pretty much every type of wild berry you can eat. My personal favorites are the salmon berries. This was a good berry picking summer for us. Pounds and pounds of berries and lots of hiking.

This tattoo… obviously the client is a berry lover too. She had a reference picture of blackberries for me to look at. We wanted a soft and natural look so I just kinda winged it right on the skin with a shader. It is my belief that to much planning and the use of stencils takes away the natural look of foliage. Leaves can especially end up looking overly plotted and planned. So for a soft black-work look it is always best to just go direct to skin and forget all the outline stuff. Torn between sticking with simple black shade and color the client decided on going with just a touch of color in the berries themselves and leaving the leaves just shading.
Result = A quick and simple tattoo that is both understated and pretty with a feminine look