Wisp Roses

Wisp Style tatoo Roses

Some one shot roses done with wisp style shade and soft sketched lines using uncut straight black instead of washes. This goes over the client’s hip and up the left side of her back. I enjoyed doing this one because of the retro 80’s/90’s shade style which I personally find much more pleasing to the eye than many of the wash techniques that are currently trendy for floral work. As for the line style… It was very fun because I got to just softly sketch the lines on instead of laying a hard edge over a stencil (which is the usual for lined floral) The overall result I think is both soft and stark at the same time. It is a look that simply can’t be achieved with a wash technique or with a crisp hard line.

True Blue

“True Blue”
This is a kinda traditional / neotraditional piece. The client had a line sketch style pin-up drawing which he supplied for the basic idea. He also sent me a few pics of his gal so I could fiddle with it and make it resemble her more. The rest of the stuff I drew in as to his subject matter preferences, but with free reign as his description was “just make it look cool.” Overall I really liked the layout and look of this finished piece. It fits within the boundaries of traditional Americana tattoo themes, but possesses originality.

true blue pinup tattoo done in neotraditional tattoo style

Pocket compass and roses

A small pocket compass and roses tattoo done in a predominantly blue theme on the inside of a girls forearm.
blues pocket compass tattoo

Though this is in a semi traditional tattoo style, I kept with a much thinner and lighter line for the outer edge, used almost no line inside the tattoo, and didn’t use any blacks for shading. The result is a traditional look, but with a softer/prettier appearance than normally seen in such a style.

This tattoo was from my Port Angeles Tattooing The Blues tattoo project.

Toucan Sam

“Follow your nose! It always knows!”

What we have is a way groovy little Toucan Sam shoulder tattoo here.

Toucan Sam shoulder tattoo

Toucan Sam has been the Froot Loops cereal mascot since back in the 60’s. His big fancy nose gives him the super power of sniffing out Froot Loops. He is kinda like a mutant toucan in my mind. Not really enough mutant power to join the X men, but still a cool power if you dig the cereal which millions of people do. (obviously including the client who got this)

Toucan Sam shoulder tattoo
From my Port Angeles Tattoos cereal project