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Tattoos focusing on flowers or floral motifs

groovy octopussy

For your tattoo entertainment… brought to you by me… Cephalopod mollusc of the order Octopoda. Or… a way cool, fun, and groovy octopussy / water / floral / dealio. Either way you want to describe this tattoo I’d make sure you somehow include a word like ‘rad’ or ‘cool’, or ‘awesome’, and maybe even ‘tight’ or something of that sort.
Octopus tattoo by Aarron Laidig
So this tattoo was kinda posted here a long time ago.
You just can’t really see it in the picture because I didn’t focus on it. Needed to post a legit pic too.
If you are interested in the other image I am talking about… Here it is.

Pretty Gladiolus

Some colorful stylized gladiolus which the client requested because both she and her daughter were born in August. Gladiolus are the birth flower (one of) for the month of August.
I went with a soft, barely visible outside the leaves sketch line here because I wished the colors to form the floral shapes rather than the lines. The color selection didn’t lend itself to a zero line tattoo because over time the softening would have made the image blur.
I used what I considered ‘just enough’ soft line to hold it all together over the years to come.
colorful gladiolus tattoos
If you are wondering about the background on this one…
The tattoo is on a close friend and the picture was taken at a local market (Country Aire in Port Angeles) which is less than a block from my place of work. I saw the tattoo and thought “photo opportunity” and clicked off a couple shots with my phone. Not sure how entertained she was with me taking pictures of her back while shopping, but I prefer healed tattoo pictures and hadn’t gotten one yet. The tattoo was about three months old at the time of the photo.
If you notice the tattoo on her far right side you can guess she likes floral tattoos. I did that one also, but it was maybe four or five years ago.

Wisp Roses

Wisp Style tatoo Roses

Some one shot roses done with wisp style shade and soft sketched lines using uncut straight black instead of washes. This goes over the client’s hip and up the left side of her back. I enjoyed doing this one because of the retro 80’s/90’s shade style which I personally find much more pleasing to the eye than many of the wash techniques that are currently trendy for floral work. As for the line style… It was very fun because I got to just softly sketch the lines on instead of laying a hard edge over a stencil (which is the usual for lined floral) The overall result I think is both soft and stark at the same time. It is a look that simply can’t be achieved with a wash technique or with a crisp hard line.