Rickenbacker Fireglo

Rickenbacker tattoos
A little Rickenbacker tattoo done in their Fireglo finish. This isn’t the best pic, but hopefully one of the last low quality digital shots you will see from me. I am currently waiting for a certain phone to hit the shelves that I plan on getting. No more cruddy cellphone pics from mm dinosaur era phone! Anyways, back to the tattoo… I figured I needed to post something because I have been neglecting this FB page , and this was the last shot I took on my cellphone (about 5 clients ago) so it won the honor of being on Facebook by default. Luckily for me I actually really liked doing this little tattoo. Mostly it was figuring out a nice color blend to emulate the Rickenbacker Fireglow finish that would look good over time. The big thing was getting the look without the yellow tones that actually exist in the finish as I would worry about orange popping out over the years giving a bit to much of a creamsicle appearance through the center. Not attractive. My mix however was achieved without any yellows so it shall not suffer that fate and I think I got the Fireglow look fairly well.